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2059. Earth. Too many people. Pollution to its highest levels. Cities left to die. Wars. Nuclear threats. The planet is on the edge, and we need to find a solution. That solution is the “Explorers of the Galaxy”.

The population has reached 10 billion people. Developed countries have many problems due to their aged society and developing countries are the ones with the highest rates of overpopulation. There are too many people, and unequally distributed.

The 2ºC increase in global temperature, predicted by scientists decades ago, has lead to catastrophic events. An important percentage of the icecaps has melted. The sea livel rise has forced some really important cities to be abandoned: Shangai, Osaka, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Amsterdam, Venice, Alexandria; more than 300 million people in the need to migrate to inner areas, to leave their homes, to start over again. Some epidemic diseases, confined to tropical areas, have spread to other parts of the planet. Too many people sick, too little resources to help them.

The tension between some countries is at its worst. A nuclear war could end up everything and it’s closer than ever. It seems that we only do our best when we see the edge of the cliff, and that’s what just happened.

A decade ago, when the potential destruction of our planet seemed a close reality, the biggest economies in the world decided that we needed a plan B, and that plan B wasn’t our planet. They decided to make an effort and cooperate to find a way to explore other potential planets that could be inhabited. Our world had become to small. It was the time for humanity to expand, to become interstellar.

Thanks to that combined work, the project “Explorers of the galaxy” was born. The International coalition start building the ISS UTOPIA, a space station that soul be able to travel to exoplanetary systems. The best students were chosen to be trained. You were chosen. To find a new planet, you need to know how our own planet works, the characteristics it has that make it habitable, the problems that have lead to this situation.

You are the last hope of humanity.

Get ready.


Your training begins...

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